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6/18/2024: Omega Ronin #1: Graphic Novel and Vinyl Soundtrack launching on Kickstarter soon! - Space mercenaries from a dystopian future battle a robot empire with the help of an enigmatic cosmic anomaly under the guise of a 1980s nu-wave synthpop band in the year 1,001,982.

Omega Ronin #1 Kickstarter
Omega Ronin #1 Kickstarter


4/7/2024: New album comes out on April 12 called Godforsaken Journey, a sonic adventure through darkwave and cinematic industrial music. For those who want to hear the Ronin go dark and heavy, this one is for you!

We're working on some new video experiments and tinkering with live concert ideas. More info coming soon!

Subscribe to Omega Ronin on YouTube for shorts, a music podcast, and more (also on TikTok @OmegaRonin and on Threads @ClassicGameRoom)


Join Omega Ronin on Bandcamp for Friday Listening Parties!!!

2/28/24: Hey we went through some distributor changes, so if you don't see an album on your favorite streaming service, check back soon and it'll be back.

2/8/24: Join Omega Ronin for FREE Live Listening Party Fridays on Bandcamp to celebrate weekly EP releases and Singles. Stop by and chat future robots, music, production, and EDF! RSVP at If the Universe is Expanding... Listening Party | Omega Ronin (

2/8/24: We're updating the Omega Ronin Forever Stream on YouTube with new songs and video. It'll be back soon. [click for more news]

Update February 8. 2024

I'm updating the Omega Ronin FOREVER STREAM (endless Livestream) with some new songs and video. It'll be down for a little bit.


Update January 31, 2024

The new Omega Ronin studio is nearly complete which will speed up new synthwave and future electronica-industrial tracks from the FUTURE.

Omega Ronin is moving to a weekly EP release schedule! That's right baby, new Omega Ronin songs will be dropping on Fridays like enemy robots drop from laser fire.

At the moment, Mark is hosting Omega Ronin Live Release Parties on Bandcamp on Fridays!! Go check it out and RSVP for the next one. They're free and fun! If the Universe is Expanding... | Omega Ronin (

Omega Ronin will be launching a Kickstarter soon for a vinyl LP collection of "Best of" Omega Ronin songs from the early days with art books, posters, and more. Follow our Classic Game Room Kickstarter page to be altered because some items are numbered: Classic Game Room » My Profile — Kickstarter

Check out the Omega Ronin live stream album playlist on YouTube. This will be an evolving project, we're just testing it out and so far it's doing ok! (1) Omega Ronin Future SYNTHWAVE Playlist - LIVE!! - YouTube

Update January 13, 2024

Greetings from SPAAACE!!!!!

Follow Omega Ronin on TikTok and YouTube, I'm about to launch a huge video project combining the Omega Ronin music, animation, and synthwave style to lead into the next evolution of Omega Ronin. There is a MASSIVE new project in the works, the biggest project ever released by CGR Publishing.

Omega Ronin on TikTok: Omega Ronin (@omegaronin) | TikTok

Omega Ronin on YouTube: Omega Ronin Music - YouTube

UPDATE: The latest Omega Ronin release is Cosmic Starfighter! The double-sized album dropped in November. You can find it on all streaming services (except iTunes, I'm working to fix that.) Give it a listen!

A CD release of Cosmic Starfighter is planned for February.

Update October 9, 2023

Oh man, I am so far behind!

Omega Ronin: Cosmic Starfighter comes out on October 18 on all streaming services and Bandcamp. It is a double-disc sized release like Iron Metropolis.

Omega Ronin: Iron Metropolis is going to CD! The double-disc set will be ready in October/November for purchase.

Omega Ronin: Cosmic Starfighter is likely to see a CD release this fall. No date just yet.

More Omega Ronin songs are in production, but I'm busy on several other projects between now and the end of '23, so another album release in 2023 is a giant maybe. New tracks are being produced for videos.

The Omega Ronin TikTok (and YouTube Shorts) continue production. I took a few weeks off of them to re-imagine what kind of content could work well on TikTok.

Update August 30, 2023

I changed the "Production Blog" to News on the website.

We've been uploading new video Production Blogs to YouTube on the channel

"Beneath the Lava Laves (Regeneration Mix)" is the background music for the upcoming Classic Game Room 2085 Blu-Ray set.

Mark is going to release Iron Metropolis on CD for the holiday season for those who want a signed copy of the album in future-proof physical media. It is possible that Sky Warp and Touch the Mainframe may also see a CD release this year (in a combo pack).

New songs are in production for an upcoming album later this fall.

Loads of new t-shirt designs featuring artwork and imagery inspired by Omega Ronin are going up on Amazon under the Omega Ronin brand. Grab a cozy synthwave sweatshirt for the winter!

August 17, 2023

Yesterday we released our biggest and boldest album across all streaming services called Iron Metropolis. Check it out!

Additionally, the entire Omega Ronin catalog is now available on the popular Bandcamp service to own. No more streaming hiccups or crappy ads, just download all of Omega Ronin and dig it whenever you are in space and time.

Download the complete Omega Ronin discography at Iron Metropolis | Omega Ronin (

New glassware and t-shirt designs are being added to the website, and we're looking at physical CD and/or cassette releases too. No word on that yet though...

Mark is starting to tinker with sounds for the next album. "Now that Omega Ronin is the soundtrack for a barrage of [Classic Game Room] videos and shorts and clips there's a sense of excitement knowing that millions of people out there will be hearing it, whether they know it or not. That's the best any indie producer can hope for I think. So I'm taking my time and crafting new analog bass sounds and working on sequences to make upcoming songs that rock for videos and home stereo listening."

The Omega Ronin YouTube channel is slowly building up to be something interesting. You can subscribe to it Omega Ronin Music - YouTube

"I'm still looking at how I can use the brand and imagery behind it to make a print series. It'll probably start with video in some form, since the Omega Ronin songs are the perfect foundation for short animated clips and whatnot. Omega Ronin has a greenlight all the way through 2024 from the parent company, CGR Publishing. Since I'm the owner of CGR Publishing I can tell you that's no small thing. When I see something working well that I also enjoy making, I'll stick with it."

Omega Ronin will be creating all of the original music for Classic Game Room 2085 Season 2, a 12-hour production scheduled to be released in 2024 on Blu-Ray and other digital download services to celebrate the series' 25th anniversary.

"In short, I'm planning to return to filmmaking full-time in 2024 with the second season of CGR 2085 and the related internet show. From the producing standpoint, the ability to pull from a catalog of great music that I own, that I collect the earnings on, that I can adjust at any time, which isn't being screwed by another publisher, is solid gold."


Update August 7, 2023

Hey there! I'm running behind on updates (as you can tell!) Omega Ronin is about to release a double-disc sized album in the coming month. More on that soon....

The Omega Ronin synthwave music and video project is moving full-speed ahead with new music, videos, and online presence. I've had to stop and start things a few times as I adapted my plan to changes as they happen, but the new album is awesome and its inclusion in Classic Game Room videos as the background music is very cool. I frequently build videos by editing over the music, and in that respect, Omega Ronin has found a good home. It sounds good, and it matches the feel of what I'm trying to produce.

My hope is the show more of the music-making process in some upcoming making-of videos. You can follow Omega Ronin on YouTube where I've been slowly uploading some behind the scenes stuff. Everything is moving pretty slowly at the moment, but it's moving.

More on the new album, possible CDs, merch, and more soon.

January 14, 2023

Behind the Facade drops today! Go and check out the newest Omega Ronin EP with three new tracks from the future.

Additionally, I'm putting together a new video section to organize the growing catalog of "Enter the World of Omega Ronin" videos.

I'm putting the widescreen cuts of the 1-minute video segments on the website. You can also watch them in a vertical format on TikTok (@OmegaRonin)

I've been building a virtual world / virtual set in which to film Omega Ronin production videos and virtual concert footage. It has taken a few tries to get right, but I think the third city design is coming along. You can also see it in 80s Comics videos, also on TikTok (@80sComics) and

I've been teaching myself 3D modeling and animation over the past few weeks, which is super fun. It's a great way to direct videos with a larger production value and endless imagination on a budget. I'm hoping to turn Omega Ronin into a full-fledged animation series and comic book, we'll see what happens! If nothing else, you can enjoy confused robots dancing to synthwave.