Omega Ronin News

December 16, 2022

The next Omega Ronin album is called Sky Warp and will be released on December 30! Just in time to celebrate "Happy New Year 1983!"

December 9, 2022

I'm putting together the next full-length Omega Ronin synthwave album. I don't have much to report as of this post other than it's coming along nicely. I expect it to be released in January.

You can see more details about the music and art creation process in the new Omega Ronin Production Blog.

Omega Ronin: The Manga is in pre-production, a synthwave-inspired graphic novel to be released digital, Kindle, and print.


November 21, 2022

BIG NEWS! Omega Ronin is expanding in 2023 with new albums, some new gear, and the biggest synthwave sound in the universe.

Also, a new manga series based on the music is in production.

"I'm coming out of comic book retirement to take the helm of an Omega Ronin manga. It's my flagship project for 2023, so expect LOTS of lasers, synthesizers, future cars, neon, and robots."

"More details coming soon. The project is in development now. I hope to start rolling stuff out in January." - Bussler

Also, check out Touch the Mainframe, a new Omega Ronin EP that drops today!


October 24, 2022

Welcome to the first Omega Ronin news update! Thank you to everyone who has been listening to Omega Ronin out there on your future music service on a Sony Walkman. Given the interest in the sweet synthwave sounds from the future of 1985, I'm hoping to see some vinyl and cassettes in 2023, but there is no concrete plan yet. When there is, you'll hear about it here.

I'm mixing the sixth Omega Ronin album in the studio now. I've been working on new songs on and off over the past few months and have assembled quite a collection of cool tunes. It might even be a double album by the time it's complete. No album title yet, but I think we'll be jammin' to the next Omega Ronin by the end of '22. Stay tuned.

I'll post some new studio pictures and maybe even some upcoming album artwork here over the next few weeks as we add some more bells and whistles to the website. Thanks again! Keep it rad.

Mark Bussler - Omega Ronin