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Omega Ronin is an evolving music, video, and art project from producer and writer, Mark Bussler.

"The original concept for Omega Ronin was a space manga about robots in the future. I started work on the book in 2019 but found myself pulled into other things. A few years later in 2022, Omega Ronin proved to be the perfect name for a synthwave project inspired by 1980s television show theme songs and retro '80s pop culture."

"What started out as a love letter to our favorite 1980s synthwave-style hits evolved into a larger project mixing synthwave with industrial music and electronica. There are no limits to where Omega Ronin's musical sound can go."

In 2024 Omega Ronin solidified its status as the flagship project from CGR Publishing and moved into a weekly release schedule.

"I release Omega Ronin music on a wide variety of music streaming services which spreads the sound far and wide. Because of the ease at which people can select songs, stream for free, download, and add things to playlists, I have the creative freedom to make as much as I want and push the envelope in whatever direction I choose. Sometimes songs will be a hit with the audience, other times they miss the mark, it's all part of the unique and experimental journey thanks to streaming music."

Omega Ronin released its first physical release CD in late 2024 with Iron Metropolis. A Cosmic Starfighter CD is planned for early 2024.

Mark is working on a plan to assemble the best Omega Ronin songs for a vinyl and CD box set.


"Omega Ronin started as a science fiction story. Comics take a long time to make, and I was hesitant to go all in by early 2020 without a video platform to support the costs. And, at the same time, my publishing work exploded with nonfiction history and art projects (which is a good problem to have.)

In late 2023, after some success with the Omega Ronin music, I found myself inspired by the original Omega Ronin plot and the science fiction filmmaking style of how it played out in my head. In 2024 I'm getting back to that and merging the music with my sci-fi storyline, animation, and a [hopeful] monthly or bi-monthly print release.

Imagine reading a graphic novel along with music composed to match each panel of the book. Sounds crazy, perhaps, but crazy ideas are often my favorite ideas. I'm planning a March 2024 release. Stay tuned."

"This also gives me a chance to get back to my documentary roots and chronicle the adventure. I'm pretty excited about it."


It's 3 A.M. on a humid night in 1985 and you're racing through the neon-bathed streets of Miami, Florida in your white Lamborghini Countach.

The moon is full and mist rises from the street. You adjust your shades and raise the volume on your Alpine cassette player to blast the throbbing synthwave beats of Omega Ronin as the speedometer tops 120 miles per hour.  Time stands still as you soak in the rhythm of the night with roaring synthesizers and crashing drums.

You live every day on the line and Omega Ronin is the soundtrack to your life.

Omega Ronin is 1980s-inspired synthwave music from producer Mark Bussler. All music is created in the Intergalactic Space Arcade production studio in the United States where every day is 1985.

New albums are constantly in development because the world needs more synthwave.

Albums published by CGR Publishing.