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Omega Ronin: Undercover Eyes
Omega Ronin: Undercover Eyes

Listen to clip from You Can't Stop the Feeling After Midnight

Release Date: June 17, 2022
Artist: Omega Ronin
Length: 47 Minutes
Genre: Synthwave

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Track List:

  1. You Can’t Stop the Feeling After Midnight
  2. Catamaran
  3. Undercover Eyes
  4. Laser Focus
  5. Someone to Watch Over You
  6. Emotive Intensity
  7. A Daring Move
  8. In Command but Out of Control
  9. Your Reflection in my Shades
  10. Her Skin Sparkles in the Moonlight
  11. Only the Best Detectives Drive Italian Supercars (feat. Turbo Volcano)

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