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Omega Ronin: Cosmic Starfighter
Omega Ronin: Cosmic Starfighter

Play a clip from Robot Invasion 1984

Release Date: August 17, 2023
Artist: Omega Ronin
Length: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Genre: Synthwave

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Track List:

  1. Forever Mission
  2. Ghost in the Well
  3. Cosmic Starfighter
  4. Neon Awakening
  5. Magic Gateway
  6. The Sky is Only the Beginning
  7. Voyager's Return
  8. A Millennia Within Hours
  9. Tunnels and Trees
  10. Sight Beyond Sight
  11. Robot Invasion 1984
  12. Transparent Aluminum
  13. Beach Beneath the Stars
  14. Video Wafers
  15. Phantom Ecstacy
  16. Touch By Numbers
  17. Space Phoenix
  18. Robo Celeste
  19. Luscious
  20. She's Out of This World But In My Heart
  21. Asteroids Command

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